Whitby Real Estate

    Whitby is a town that is quickly growing.  With many new houses and developments popping up, there are lots of options for home buyers.  There are lots of new houses in the area but the closer you get to Downtown Whitby, the further back in time you go.

    Downtown Whitby is a step back in time.  Founded in the early 1800s, Whitby still holds onto much of its historical architecture.  As you stroll around the business centre, you will see many ‘mom and pop’ type shops and restaurants the help make the area a treasure trove of hidden gems.

    One of these gems is the Port Whitby Marina.  A beautiful, natural harbour along Lake Ontario that was used for shipping farmed goods, the marina now is a park that offers sailing, hiking, and fishing.

    The 407 and 412 expansion have now made it easier for residents to commute to and from the town.  There are many exciting things happening in Whitby, talk to an agent to see how you can become a part of this vibrant community.

    Fun Fact: Camp X, a secret spy training centre, established during World War II was based in Whitby.  While the site has been demolished there is a monument commemorating the men and women that trained there.