Bowmanville Real Estate

    If you’re a fan of different architecture styles, Bowmanville may be the place for you.  Founded in 1841, Bowmanville has seen its share of styles and many of them have been preserved, thanks to local historians.  You can see examples of Italianate, Gothic Revival, Colonial Brick and many others.

    Bowmanville is a quiet community that is located about an hour east of Toronto.  This is a great community for people who are just starting off.  With many new developments popping up, there are lots of opportunities for first time buyers.

    Fun Fact: The Battle of Bowmanville took place in 1942 between German POWs that were held there and Canadian Soldiers.  The Germans were armed with whatever they could find around the camp, like sticks and iron bars, so the Canadian soldiers armed themselves with baseball bats so it would be a fair fight.  Eventually, hoses were brought in to ‘cool down’ the tempers.