Ajax Real Estate

    Ajax is a great town for anyone who enjoys the perks of living in a big city while also appreciating a slower paced community.  Situated only 20 minutes outside of Toronto, Ajax is a great location for anyone who commutes into Toronto for work.  The new 407 and 412 expansions have also made it easier for people to commute in and out of Ajax.

    As a relatively new town, Ajax, which was established in 1955, is a growing community and the history of its growth is evident in its housing.  You can still find the World War II style homes along with more modern housing.  The town takes pride in its history.  It is named after the HMS Ajax, a WWII warship, and its streets are named after the different people who served upon the ship.

    Ajax is a great community for students.  With many elementary schools, 5 high schools and easy access to Durham College, UOIT, York University, and many other post-secondary institutions, Ajax is a town that encourages education.

    However, Ajax’s most appealing quality is its natural beauty.  Ajax borders Lake Ontario and boasts beautiful fields and paths to wander through.  Ajax also has many parks and play areas for young families to enjoy.  In the spring, you can wander around Greenwood Discovery Centre and see nature bloom.  In the summer, there’s Rotary Park, with a cool breeze coming off of Lake Ontario.  In the fall, Ajax has apple orchards to go picking in.  And finally, in the winter, Paulynn Park boasts one of the best tobogganing hills in the area.

    Fun Fact: The reason that Pickering High School is in Ajax is that the school is older than the town.  When Ajax was established and the borders were drawn up, Pickering High and Pickering Village ended up in Ajax.