The Elusive Detached Home

    It’s safe to say that most people would prefer a detached home.  When you share a wall with another house, you share the noise.

    I’ve lived in an attached townhouse for most of my life but, luckily, I live in an end house so I only share one wall.  This shared wall lets me know when my neighbour is showering, has a screaming kid or is even failing at cooking dinner (i.e. the fire alarm).  While I’ve grown used to my neighbour’s noises, I dream of the day where I don’t have to share a wall with anybody.  Unfortunately, that day is getting further and further away.

    Currently, there are more people wanting to buy a house than houses, resulting in a “Seller’s Market”, which makes it harder to buy a house as you may be one of many, many offers.  Detached houses are the most coveted right now and many of these houses are being sold for well above asking.

    The demand for houses, coupled with the rising cost of houses, has led developers to build more affordable housing, which generally means condos or attached houses.

    All in all, the buyer’s market and the lack of new detached homes being built is making the detached home more and more elusive.

    For details on the detached home market read this article by Huffington Post.

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