Stay Grounded

    When you’re looking at new homes, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment.  You walk in and see those gorgeous kitchen countertops, they’re a dark quartz and they gleam.  You get so distracted by the countertop that you don’t notice there’s no cupboard space to hold all your dishes and baking supplies.  The massive walk-in closet makes you forget that this house will make your daily commute to work an extra 30 minutes longer.  It is easy to get caught up in the dream  Here are a few tips to help you stay grounded and make the right decision for you.


    • How does this affect your commute to work?
    • Will your kids need to change schools?
      • What schools are nearby?
    • Is it near amenities? Grocery stores? Mall? Public Transit?


    • Is there enough room for your family?
    • Will all of your furniture fit?
    • Can you make the space work for you?

    The Big Things

    • How old are the appliances?
    • Do the appliances work?
    • Are the appliances clean?
    • Do the appliances meet your needs? (e.g. Is the freezer big enough?)

    The Small Things

    • Are there enough outlets in each room?
    • Do all the light switches work?
    • Do all the hinges on doors and cupboards work?
    • Do the faucets work?

    The Special Things

    • Do you want a fireplace?
      • If yes, can you add one if there isn’t one already there?
    • Do you want a pool?
      • If yes, does the house already have one or is there space to add one?
    • Are there any other special features you want?


    • Can you afford this house?
    • How does the price compare to other houses in the neighbourhood?
    • Can you afford renovations if they are needed?

    We want you to walk into a home and begin picturing yourself in it, it’s our job to find you a home.  However, we don’t want you to buy the wrong home.  There is nothing worse than setting up your king size bed only to realize that you have no room for your dresser.  In order to help you find the right home, we need you to answer these questions.  So next time you walk into a house don’t just picture the dream you in that house picture the real you in that house; the you with the hundreds of DVDs and Blu-Rays, with the toy chests, with the Great Dane.  Stay grounded, be sensible and then, once you know it is your house, dream away.

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