Small Spaces – Bedroom

    I have lived in some very small bedrooms and I have learned that there is always a way to make your space work for you.  Here are a few of the tricks I have learned along the way.

    Wall Closets

    Wall ClosetThese are great since they expand your closet space without taking up too much space in your room.  Provided, you have a decent wall, this is a great solution for small rooms.  When I lived in Collingwood, we had a very tiny bedroom and using a wall closet like this helped me not only store all my clothing but store other odds and ends.  You can find these at Walmart or on Amazon and all you need to install them is a drill, some screws and some anchors.  If you can hang a picture, you can probably hang this up.





    Double Hang Closet Rack

    Additional Closet RackThis has been a lifesaver! As I’ve gotten older and buy fancier clothes, I fold less and less and hang more and more.  If it weren’t for this device, I would probably have to get rid of over half my wardrobe because I’d have no space for it. Currently, I have all my dresses on one side of the closet and then all my blouses, blazers, sweaters, etc. using this.  This allows me to hang double the amount of clothes!








    DIY-under-bed-storage-1This is a great way to make use of empty space. There are plastic bins on wheels that are cheap to buy and use or you can make one. When I was a kid, my dad made a giant drawer that fit under my bed and my mom used it to store seasonal clothes. As I got older, it also became my secret hiding place.  Now, under my bed is where I store all my gift wrapping and craft supplies. These drawers are great because you can use them for so many different purposes.  Toy chests for kids, extra bedding in a guest room, anything you want. If your space is limited, you want to make sure you get the most out of it.




    Murphy Beds

    IMG_5185 IMG_5186 IMG_5190 IMG_5191









    Murphy Beds have come a long way.  These are two examples that I saw at the Fall Home Show back in September.  The first one looks like a cabinet that turns into a bed.  What’s great about this model is the cabinets are useful for storage, the downside it, setting up the bed is a bit tedious.  It only takes a few minutes once you get the hang of it but the second model is much less hassle.

    The second model starts off looking like a desk and all you have to do pull the handle and push lightly on the desk and a bed folds down.  You are able to keep items on the desk and they move on hinges so you don’t have to clear it off.  This allows you to have an office that doubles as a guest room.

    Both options free up floor space while still providing a bed.  The beds can come in twin, double, and queen.

    Next Week – Bathrooms!



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