Packing Tips

    You’ve done it! You’ve bought your dream house and now you need to pack up your life and move in.  Where do you even begin?  It’s hard, it’s stressful, so here are a few tips to help you out.

    Pack out of season clothes first.

    Packing up your life will take a few days if not a few weeks.  An easy place to start is with the clothes you aren’t wearing.  Put them in a box or a large plastic container and put them in an out of use corner of your house.  This is where you will gradually begin to store all of your packed boxes.   Once you’re done, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something and the empty closet space will affirm this sense of accomplishment.

    Leave clothes on the hangers.

    Hangers are incredibly difficult to pack.  Leaving your clothes on their hangers makes making them a little bit easier and will save you time packing and unpacking.

    Go easy on packing paper.

    Yes, you don’t want your dishes to break but that doesn’t mean that each dessert plate needs an entire sheet of paper to itself.  Cut the large pieces of paper/newspaper down to a more reasonable size.  Also, you can use the paper almost like an accordion on dishes.  Place the paper on a flat surface, place the plate on the edge of the paper and then fold the paper over, place a new plate on top and repeat.  Remember to take into account the distance you are travelling and who is moving your boxes and let that be a factor on how much paper you use too.  When you unpack, all this paper will likely end up in recycling, so prepare for the mess of paper on the other side.

    You don’t need to buy boxes.

    Storage companies do offer great boxes and are very sturdy, but if you’re on a tight budget, your local fast food joint might be able to give you some of their boxes.  Go in and ask if they could put aside some boxes for you and pick them up later.  Just remember to pick them up same day, they might end up in the recycling if you forget.

    What are some tips and tricks that you have learned?  Comment below to share the wealth.

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