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    It’s hard to say if wood is a trend or a staple.  Whether it’s hardwood floors; old, wooden rocking chairs; or that beautiful wood dining table, it’s safe to every house has wood somewhere in their decor. Currently, darker woods are trendy but what makes wood great is that is diverse.  You can take that older table and restain it, you can paint it, or just show off its natural beauty.

    The Fall Home Show had some spectacular examples of wooden tables, counter tops and flooring that highlight just how diverse wood can be in your home.

    IMG_5181 IMG_5180

    I love how this table highlights the natural lines and edges of the tree.  This makes the table a one-of-a-kind piece.  It is large enough to sit a family 6 comfortably and makes a statement.  Just a light varnishing protects this table against spills and stains and it can always be re-stained in the future.  Just remember, once you stain wood dark, it is difficult to lighten it.








    So originally, I took this picture because of the cabinet, which is a Murphy Bed, but then I noticed the floor.  Just look at that texture!  Some might say it’s a little dirty, but these blackened areas are intentional.  The slightly charred bits add so much character to this floor.  Sometimes having one solid colour across your whole house can get overwhelming.  By using different shades and textures, you will make your floor stand out.

    I also just want to point out that the dark brown cabinet in the centre looks velvety.  That’s what makes wood so create, so many ways to dress it up and change it up!







    My husband absolutely loved these tables.  They are simple and unique and while they are not identical, you can tell they are a set.  The different shades of wood all integrated together make these tables stand out.  These are also a great addition to your home because you can use them in different ways.  You could keep all three table grouped together or spread them out.  They could side tables or work together to create a coffee table arrangement.  Since they are small, they are also great for small spaces.

    If you’re a DIY-er could even be a project you want to take on your self.







    This picture helps show just how diverse wood in your home can be.  This was a company that specialized in butcher blocks for counters and just look at all the options they have!  So many colours on the right side and then to the left, different designs.  There is definitely something for everyone.







    Nature has given us one of the most beautiful resources for home decor, trees.  Not only are they beautiful outside of the home but also inside.  Since each tree is different, each piece of furniture made from wood is also unique and stunning.  Wood can be manipulated into different shapes, stained or painted different colours and holds endless possibilities for usage.  Let nature shine through in your home.

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