Farm Boy is Coming To Pickering

    If you’re someone who enjoys fresh, healthy food and ready-to-go dishes that are cooked up that day, you’re probably excited about the Farm Boy that is coming to the Pickering Town Centre, this fall.

    If you’ve never heard of Farm Boy, it is a Canadian grocery chain that was founded in 1981.  When it first opened, in Cornwall, Ontario, it was a tiny shop that specialized in fresh produce.  This little store has since grown and now has 22 stores.  Despite its growth, Farm Boy has retained a Farmer’s Market feel to their stores, which makes grocery shopping less of a chore and more of an adventure, as you discover all the different things the store has to offer.

    By coming to Pickering Farm Boy is helping bring healthy food to the residents as well as creating jobs.  It will be located at the Pickering Town Centre in the space that was once occupied by Target.

    As a person who tries to live a healthy lifestyle, I am looking forward to their selection of fresh produce but I am most excited about their homemade salsa, which is probably the best salsa I’ve ever had.


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