Fall Lawn Care

    Today is the first day of fall!  As the seasons change, how you take care of your lawn also needs to change.  So, here are a few suggestions for how to take care of your lawn in this new season.

    Shorter Trim

    In the summer you want to keep your grass a little bit longer to protect the soil and grassroots from heat damage.  Now that the weather is going down, you want to shorten the grass to about 2 inches in height.  This will allow the soil to breathe more and make it easier for nutrients to move into the soil.

    Stay Hydrated

    Just like your body, grass needs to stay hydrated.  Remember to continue watering your grass to keep it healthy.

    Keeping It Fresh

    In order to make sure that  you have lots of fresh grass next spring, add some grass seed.  Scratch that, add a lot of grass seed!  Some of these seeds will die over the winter, some won’t take root and some might get picked up by birds and small animals.  All in all, it’s very hard, if not impossible, to add too many seeds; so seed away!

    The Stinky Stuff

    It’s time to fertilize!  Fertilizer will help replenish the nutrients in the soil that helped keep your grass so green all summer long.  By fertilizing now, your current grass can start absorbing the nutrients so that come next spring you have healthy grass that will push through the snow and provide us with green lawns once again.

    Get Rid of the Enemy

    I’m talking about weeds here.  Go through and get rid of those fall-time weeds.  These weeds can be harder to find that the normal spring/summer time weeds like dandelions, but in order to give your grass a head start in spring, it is best to get rid of the weeds now.

    Let It Breathe 

    Aerate your lawn so that oxygen can be absorbed into the soil.  Aeration will also help with the growth of all those seeds you sowed earlier.

    New Life

    Add some new topsoil to your lawn.  Similarly to the fertilizer, this will help nourish the soil and help your grass grow in spring.

    Keep it tidy

    Hire that neighbourhood kid to rake your lawn and then dispose of the leaves.  If you leave the leaves on your lawn, you are giving your grass one more obstacle to overcome in the spring.  The leaves, when buried under the snow, can choke out your grass.  Also, once spring comes and the snow melts the leaves will prevent air and sunlight from reaching your grass.

    Happy Lawn Maintenance!

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