All the World’s a Stage…

    You love your house.  It is a reflection of who you are as a person.  I have a red couch and kinda ran with it, I have red accents on top of dark neutrals.  My family teases me about it but that’s who I am, I like bright pops of colour.  I dream about my orange kitchen that I will one day have but it might be hard to sell an orange kitchen to someone else.

    There’s also all your stuff that you have worked so hard to organize and store while keeping your house tidy.  You are proud of your bookshelf that boasts your library or movie collection.  That gallery on the wall took you hours to complete as you rearranged the frames a million times.  Your home is a reflection of you, so why not keep it that way when you go to sell it?  Why bother staging?

    The thing is, you’re selling your house; not you.

    Think of it like a stage for a play.  There’s a few items in the background to pique interest or split up sections but for the most part, the stage is pretty simple.  The actors that put on the play want to be the centre of attention; the stage shouldn’t be a distraction.  It is the background for the good stuff.  The same can be said of a house.  It is the background to your life.  When you take pictures of your kids opening presents on Christmas morning, that gallery is in the picture but it’s not the focus of the image; your kids are.

    When you’re selling a house you want to present a background that other people can use for their play.  When your house screams ‘you’ it is hard for someone else to picture ‘me’ in that same house.

    Now, this doesn’t mean an empty house is best. You still want furniture and decorations to help inspire people who visit your house.  That way, they can picture sitting down in the dining room for Thanksgiving dinner.  Throw pillows might make the living room more inviting and comfy.  A painting might help brighten room.  You want your house to look it’s absolute best and that’s where we come in.

    At Beg Brothers Real Estate, we help you create a stage that will help your house sell.  We use a combination of items you already own as well as our own inventory to design a stage that welcomes people in and allows them to start picturing their play within the background you have prepared.

    Here are some Before & After Images of rooms we have staged.

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