Adding Personality To Your Home

    Your home should be a reflection of you, you’re the one who lives there, but how can you do that?  There are lots of subtle ways to add your personality to your home without going too overboard.

    For example, my favourite colour is orange but if I painted my living room that colour it would be overwhelming.  I love bright colours and I’m a bit of a nerd/geek but I still want my home to be a warm and inviting place.  Here are some ideas of how to make your home your space.

    Use Neutrals as a Base

    Paint your walls a neutral colour and go add splashes of you later.  Gray is very popular right now as a backdrop as it helps offer a clean and modern fee.  If you want a more rustic neutral you can always turn to your browns and beiges.  There is even a new phenomenon called “greige”, which is a combination of gray and beige.  Browse the paint section and pick a neutral that will compliment your furniture and whatever colour you want to be your accent colour.

    Add Colour With Accents

    There are lots of different ways that you can incorporate an accent colour.  You can paint a wall with that colour; it could be pattern or a solid colour.  You could have furniture in your accent colour and then use neutrals as throw pillows and blankets.  If you choose to have neutral furniture, accent with pillows and blankets.  This will also allow you to have different shades of a colour and there are some really cool throw pillows out there.  My favourite place to look for pillows is Chapters, they have interesting patterns and sayings on them.

    If you want to add colour to your dining room, use your chairs.  You can either buy seat cushions or hit up your local fabric store and do some DIY reupholstering.  There are lots of instructions on the internet for how to do this.

    In the kitchen, you can use a colourful backsplash to help promote you.  If you have pots and pans or utensils in your colour, display them!  As mentioned, my favourite colour is orange so I received a set of Rachael Ray pots and pans as a wedding gift because they’re orange.  I now have those pots hanging on my wall, which not only adds orange to my kitchen but frees up cupboard space.  Another fun way to add colour to your kitchen is by painting the back of your cupboards.  That way when you open them, your personality shines through.

    Embrace Your Interests

    Don’t be afraid to show off your inner geek/nerd/sports-fanatic/whatever.  Embrace all that you are and incorporate it into your home.  In my dream home, the door to my basement will resemble a Tardis from Doctor Who.  Now, this might be extreme for some so there are other ways your home can reflect your interests.

    Use a colour scheme that reflects your interest.  There are guides to help you find “Tardis Blue” paint or paint your house in the colours of Gryffindor or your favourite sports team.  There are so many different fandoms out there, just Google or search Pinterest for what colours to buy and you can probably find the brand and shade to use.

    Decorate with figurines. Place them on your bookshelves for everyone to see.  Frame photos or posters and hang them up.  Shadowboxes are great for hanging up your figurines and displaying them as well.

    If you’re a literary nerd, or you have a favourite quote from a movie, celebrity, book, you can get custom wall decals and post that quote on your wall for all to see.  It will help you share your passion but keep your home looking nice.

    Remember It’s Your Home

    Don’t worry about what other people say.  They don’t live there, you do.  If you want to paint your bathroom Blue Jays Blue and you want to do a Harry Potter nursery then do it!  If you want chevron stripes on the side wall as an accent, go for it!  Ultimately, it is your home and it is a reflection of you; everyone else is just a visitor.

    Just remember, when you decide to move out, this all changes because then it’s no longer your home.  If you’re someone who moves frequently, be careful with your paint colours, stay with the neutrals and uses pieces as an accent.

    Have fun decorating!  If you want some ideas, check out our Pinterest Page!

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